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For years Kerry Gough has sat in his hot tub once or twice a week, gazed at the stars, and waited to be abducted by friendly aliens and taken on a tour of the universe. The UFO has yet to arrive.  Refusing to abandon his fantasy, Gough stepped through the gate of his imagination and created Htrae, Earth’s mirror image world in the far reaches of the universe. His wife Leila has been instructed not to worry if some evening she steps out to the deck and Kerry is missing. He has promised to return after exploring worlds we can only imagine.


Gough is a retired civil rights attorney. One of his most treasured memories of his legal career is of a judge’s comment about one of his briefs, “Very creative, counselor,” sweet words to a frustrated writer. Gough raised five children, some of whom resembled those longed-for aliens, and has five grandchildren for whom this book was written.


Kerry posts commentary, opinion, humor and short fiction on his blog:  

Kerry Gough
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