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Dear Jeff Book
Dear Jeff


Brave, Cathartic Writing

A personal, heart-rending story of struggle and anguish in the face of unconditional love....broadly exploring the bonds and strains of interracial adoptive parenthood, the brave cathartic writing also offers a window to street-level racial tensions duirng the civil rights movement.

By Kirkus Reviews


I just finished your book, which I found a very honest, very touching, very worthy tribute to the complexities of family relationships, especially to your loving and sad and beleaguered relationship with Jeff.

By Judith Viorst, Author of "Necessary Losses", New York Times bestseller 


Amazing Read

Thank you for sharing your wonderful and amazing story with me.  It was deeply touching, educational and says so much about the human capacity for compassion. by Thelton Henderson


Heart wrenching and thought provoking!

I read this heart-wrenching, thought provoking book in two days! Fascinating and informative memoir about a man and his troubled, adopted son. The author explores his experiences growing up in Alaska and Los Angeles as well as how he became a Civil Rights attorney as he reflects on what went so wrong in the life of his son. I highly recommend this well-written book to anyone interested in foster and adopted youth, mixed race families, father-son relationships, the Civil Rights movement and discrimination issues.

By Horselover


A very personal and relatable story

This was a fascinating and oftentimes painful read. In a series of letters to his late adopted son, Gough recounts stories from his own life. You get a good sense of how Gough became the man he was and is. Some parts are painful because Gough is so open and honest about his perceived inability to better connect with his son. No matter the reader's background, s/he will find a connection with the author.

By Jm Yu


Kerry Gough's creative format lends great credibility

A fascinating story of the troubled relationship between father and adopted son. Heartbreaking and brutally honest, but elegantly and sensitively written. No sloppy sentimentality to be found anywhere. Kerry Gough's creative format of imaginary letters to his deceased son lends great credibility to this tale of a family's relentless turmoil, brought on from the best of intentions.

By Charles E. Farnsworth


Good read!

Well written - in some ways, a difficult read. Interesting insight into the family dynamics. The scars left on little ones in their very early years don't always heal, no matter how much love and opportunities are given. A case for more open communication.

By Ruth Ann Stearns


I highly recommend it!

A candid and moving read. I highly recommend it.

By Suzanne Spencer


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