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The Incredible Literary Creations of an Undiscovered Genius

The Incredible Literary Creations of an Undiscovered Genius opens with a collection of short stories about Michael Young, commencing with his childhood and continuing to his lonely middle age. Many of Michael's adventures and misadventures are drawn upon the author's own experience. The author confesses that if his memory failed as he wrote, invention prevailed. Fact or fiction should not matter to the reader, for he or she will be entertained by the sagas of Michael's life, from his search on a cold winter's day for a Christmas present for his mother (The Copper Tea Kettle) to his frustration with his high school girlfriend and her cat (Booniewac). Thirty years later that girlfriend hunted him down and begged for the resumption of their ancient relationship and swore to have him someday (In the Next Life). And there is a lot more to grip the reader, especially the two-act tragedy about a father whose selfish actions lead to the jailing and rape of his adopted Black son (White All Over). The book concludes with a sampling of short blogs drawn upon the author's experiences from cleaning toilets during the Covid epidemic to when he was in the Army and blew the whistle on the Army's complicity in denying rental housing to black soldiers on the Monterey Peninsula.

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