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The Gate to Htrae

An ancient gate rises majestically on the hillside above fifteen-year-old Alex's home. It is locked— rather odd since there's no fence or wall. For the umpteenth time, Alex tries to open it, just for the sake of opening this useless old gate. As his younger brother Drew taps a melody on the thumb latch, Alex sings a strange little ditty. A golden key appears and floats to Alex's lap. He picks it up. His hand becomes translucent. Shocked by the sight of his bones, veins, and tendons, he throws it down. Drew hollers, "Don't be a scaredy-cat. Open the gate!" Summoning his courage, Alex unlocks the gate, steps through… and disappears. He has entered Htrae, Earth's mirror image. Readers will want to join him on Htrae. Mind you, Htrae is at war with Natas and his demons, but readers will be safe. Pure Light will protect them through "The Gate to Htrae".

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